After installing the modules , nodequere , pannels and view:

We will create 2 contents that are displayed beside each other in the central block is where the nodes ( nodes )



1 ) Create content

- Just create 2 content

- Name : content 1 and content 2

- Body text : blahblahblah content!


2 ) Create a nodequere

// Path to get in nodquere

- Manage / organize content / nodequere


- Add a new

- Name "on the left content "

- Select the types that can be visible in this nodquere


- Add a new

- Name of " right content "

- Select the types that can be visible in this nodquere


3) nodqueres listing see your new nodquere created and click on " see "

- We now have the option of adding terms it

- Enter the page name initially created (one of the 2 contents )

- Save

- Write to the other side adding a page to another nodequere ...


4 ) Create a panel

// Path to get the panel

-administer / panels / panels page




name = sample panel

address = we can put in a taxonomy or just put painelexemplo


- Click on the top bar in content

- Click the "+ " to add nodequeres or any other type available.

- Add to the left side of the specific nodequere

- Add to the right side the specific nodequere


nodequere = pages structure within that node


if links will show all the links

if text will appear all the texts in this location

if link and text appear ... carpet cleaning services in london

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